Space Mission Nominated for Origins Award

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Origins Award Nominee SealThe nominees for the various categories of Origins Awards were announced today.  Space Mission, Schmidt Spiele’s European take on Jump Gate, was named as one of the 5 final nominees for the “Best Family, Party or Children’s Game”!

I find it interesting that Family games, Party games and Children’s games are all smished together into a single category while the various RPG stuff is all broken out into separate categories … but I don’t know much about the history or evolution of how GAMA has conducted these awards.

I do know that we will need to wait until June 2nd for the winners in each category to be announced, at the awards ceremony hosted during the Origins Game Fair held in Columbus, Ohio.

Two of the other games listed in the same category — BEARS! by Anne-Marie De Witt (via Fireside Games), and Get Bit! by Dave “the game” Chalker (via Mayday Games) — were designed by folks I follow on Twitter … which makes me feel warm and fuzzy about seeing them there as well.  (I do notice that my game is conspicuously missing an exclamation point though, which seems to be a hot trend in game names. ;))

I would also like to point out that Dicey Curves had also made it into the 10-game shortlist for this award (scroll toward the bottom of the Origins Award page linked toward the top of this post to see the games on the shortlists) … 2 of my games in the top 10 of any award competition makes me giggle just a little bit. 😀

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