Dicey Curves Update – November 2013

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Dicey Curves, with new race cars, November 2013As I mentioned about a month ago, TGC’s supplier of their original racecar pawns had discontinued those cars and TGC was running out of them.  So, I started the plans for a full revamp of Dicey Curves to use new components.

In the meantime, TGC added a new type of race car to their parts stock. So, I ordered a set of them and tried them out with the original Dicey Curves track cards. And they worked great!

Check these pics out (click to see bigger pics)  …

Dicey Curves, with new race cars, November 2013 Dicey Curves, with new race cars, November 2013

I have updated the original Dicey Curves in the TGC shop to use these new cars now … so that’s available for order again. 🙂

Also, I ordered a set of the new domino mat tracks that I had mentioned in that earlier post, to experiment with a bit.  Those turned out looking very nice.  And the new cars work very well on those too …

Experimental New Track Using Domino Mats Experimental New Track Using Domino Mats Experimental New Track Using Domino Mats

I really like the look of the track that results from using these mats.  But, I’ve quickly found that the straight pieces really aren’t needed — maybe just a handful to help out in making the curves fit together well.  But it works best to have each piece be a curve of some sort.  There’s enough straight-away sections when those are combined that a full section of straight-away isn’t needed.

So, at this point, the plan would be to use the new domino mats in place of the original track cards, the new race cars, an updated take on the “control chips” (you may notice a hint about that in a couple of the pics above), and bigger dice … and package it all in one of the new “Medium Pro Boxes” from TGC as a Deluxe version of the game.  I still need to test things some more, probably update the art, and figure out if I’ll work in the “DANGER!” expansion as part of the package too.

I should have more in the next month or two. 🙂

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  1. MattWorden

    Hi Rick … At this point, it’s just the new cars with the original track cards, dice, and control markers. But in a couple months I’m hoping to release a “deluxe” version of the game that will be a slightly modified original version (more thematic mats in place of the cards, plus a couple other tweaks) plus the DANGER! Expansion in a single box. After that? Not sure yet. 😉

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