Right out of the Gate for 2014: “Late Christmas Present” Game Give-Away

Matt Worden's Games at TheGameCrafter.comOver the Christmas/New Year break, I picked up a few more Twitter followers, putting me over 1500. In celebration of that milestone, along with a fun way to start out 2014, I am going to be giving away some of my games.

Here’s the surprise: No purchase necessary. No “likes” or “follows” or “pluses” or “shares” or any of those types of things necessary either. 🙂

So, what sort of rigmarole will I put you through to be eligible? Simply: I want some direct feedback … and I want you to be generous, by suggesting someone *else* I should send a game to.

Here are the formal rules:

1. I will be giving away 1 copy of one of the games that I have available on TheGameCrafter.com. You get to pick one item from this list …

  • Jump Gate, 3rd Edition
  • Castle Danger
  • Dicey Curves (base game + “DANGER!” expansion)
  • Subtilla
  • Blaster Waves

2. To enter, give me a suggestion of someone that you think I should send a game to, which game I should send them, and why(Do not include personal contact info … I’ll get that from you privately if your entry wins.) Give me the suggestion via any one of these methods:

  • Write a comment on this post
  • Write a comment on the related Facebook item
  • Post it on Twitter, referencing my account @MattWordenGames
  • Write your own blog post about it and then give me a link to your post via one of the other 3 methods

Do NOT send me an e-mail to enter … only one of the methods above, please. (thankyouverymuch!)

3. The person you suggest to me has to be an actual, real, living person that is capable and willing to have a game sent to them. The person you suggest cannot be yourself. 😉

4. DEADLINE: Noon, Central Time, Saturday, January 11, 2014. After the deadline, I will select a single winner from the legitimate entries, announce the winner here, and contact the winner for info on how to get the game off to their suggested person.

Okay, simple enough? I hope so — let me know if you have any questions or need any clarifications. It’s your chance to send one more Christmas present a few weeks late. 😀



9 Responses

  1. Scott Metzger

    I think you should give a copy of Jump Gate to my friend Dave. He is a great gaming enthusiast who does not get the ability to play games very often anymore. He has a large family (father of 5) and much of his personal resources get spent on his children. He loves games and would welcome the opportunity to get into gaming once again especially if he is able to do it with his wife and older children.

  2. David Taylor

    I think you should send a copy of Dicey Curves to my sister Beth. She has 2 grade-school aged boys as well as a daughter and the whole family are NasCar fans. They also are open to gaming and spending time together playing games.

  3. Hann Boe

    I would choose a friend named Josh. He has enjoyed being introduced to the boardgaming hobby but lacks a start for his own collection (we usually use my games). I think he would enjoy “Jump Gate” due to the theme.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Uriah

    My brother recently remarried and between the two of them, they have five kids with another on the way. Things have been a little tight for them. I think the kids might like the Dicey Curves game. That is who I would send one to.

  5. Jeff Rhind

    I’d like to see Jump Gate given to GamesforTroops.org. This is an organization that gives board and card games to our men and women serving around the globe. I think it’s a very worthwhile charity to help our servicemen and servicewomen pass the time. Thanks.

  6. David Officer

    I heard about your overly eventful weekend and hope you pull through ASAP! I want to see more Matt Warden Games, so get outta the way chemo ther…er, arsenic therapy!

    I will donate the game I win to my local cancer in patient ward. Will tweet the donation pics towards the @MattWordenGame Twitter account.

  7. David Brown

    Jump Gate for a friend of mine, also a David, who has 2 kids. 1, I’ll get a chance to play it. 2, it looks like a faster version of Merchant of Venus. 3, knowing his game collection, it will fill a good meaty hole yet be fast enough to play in smaller chunks of time as well as light enough for his kids to get into it.

  8. Petra Metzger

    My husband would love a copy of Subtilla. He is a game designer that is working on getting his first game published. He loves new games and is often bringing home new ones for us to try. I’m sure he would play the game and that it wouldn’t just sit on a shelf somewhere.

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