Moving Forward with the Dicey Curves Update

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Dicey CurvesI’ve been toying around for the past few months with an update of some sort for Dicey Curves.

In a post back in October, I was starting to look at ways to more graphically represent the actual dirt track that the cars were racing on. At that point, I was toying around with using “domino mats” which are 4×8-inch rectangles. I liked how the track formed, but didn’t really like the feel of how the game played with them.

So, I switched back to using poker cards as the track cards … I do really like how that works in the game right now. But I wanted to make them look like an actual race track. So, I’ve come up with this over the past week-or-so (click pic for bigger version):

Updated Dicey Curves Track Cards, January 2014

These 7 track sections represent the ones in the original game (left-to-right, top/bottom): Straight-Away/Wide-Open, Dicey Curve, Gentle Curve Left/Right, Hard Curve Left/Right. I’ve also updated the “Start” and “Finish” cards to match the new style:

Updated Dicey Curves Start Card, January 2014 Updated Dicey Curves Finish Card, January 2014

My hope is to get everything to fit into one of TGC’s Small Pro Boxes (the same box size/shape used for Jump Gate, 3rd Edition. I’m still working through whether there will be other tweaks to the game components or rules yet … but I don’t expect anything drastic. I’d also like to work in the “DANGER!” Expansion as well, but it won’t work in its current form … so, I’ll spend a little time seeing how to update it to be included in the same box. I’ll update you as I make progress.

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