King of Danger is Back! (new print-and-play available)

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King of Danger, Main Deck Back, Feb 2014

Print-and-Play File: {temporarily removed} … click the link to get the current print-and-play version of the game.


As part of my developing the “Land of Danger” into a new core theme, I started working again on my trick taking game, King of Danger.

When I put the project on hold this past summer, I didn’t really like the game any more. I knew it had potential, but it seemed to be bloated and floundering.  So, it went on the shelf until I started thinking about it again in December.

This time around, I cut the game way back. Took the card count on the main deck down to 26 cards, and reduced the max player count to 5 players. Here’s the current full set of cards now (click for bigger pic):

King of Danger, All Cards in v6.0, Feb 2014

I also really honed the purpose of the game down to the castle-building element. Since doing a good job of taking tricks would always improve your castle score (and/or reduce your opponents’), I removed any form of scoring around the tricks. This has created a very tight game that plays much faster and gives the players a better focus to what they are doing.

I’d appreciate it if you’d give the game a try in its print-and-play form (linked at the top of this post) and gave me your feedback on how it works. A proofreading of the rules would be good too. 🙂

Once I feel it’s ready, I’ll be selling a version of this with poker-sized cards, in a tuck box via the TGC shop.


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