I’m Headed to GenCon Indy 2016

Matt Demoing at GenCon 2015Once again, I will be attending the giganto gaming con that is GenCon Indy! And, unlike other years, I won’t be scheduled wall-to-wall demoing my games! 🙂 That means you’ll be able to find me to hang out and play games and such.

I’ll be driving down on Thursday, picking up a friend along the way, and leaving my Thursday evening open for picking up my badge and tickets, and finding folks to do the aforementioned hanging out and playing games with. For the next two days after that, here’s what my schedule looks like right now:

Friday … 

  • 9am – 1 pm, I will be one of the guest judges for the live BGDF Game Design Showdown, hosted by long-time BGDF member (and normal monthly GDS host) Richard Durham. I’m really looking forward to this … it’s been a while since I’ve been active on the site, but I still remember my time hosting and taking part in the GDS fondly.
  • Best Treehouse Ever from Green Couch Games2pm – 6pm – I will be helping out Jason Kotarski at the Green Couch Games Booth, running demos of the cool little games he publishes and answering questions as best I can.
  • 8pm – Midnight – I will be attending the TGC Community Game Night. This has becoming one of my favorite annual events. You get to meet a lot of the people that make up the community at TheGameCrafter.com and play a lot of cool indie games.

Saturday …

  • Morning – I have this pretty much open, but I may spend some generic tickets on either the GenCon Library or the “Games on Demand” room. In any case, if you want to find me to playtest prototypes (mine or yours) or anything else, DM me on Twitter.
  • 2pm – 4pm – I actually have a ticket for a normal game play event … a beginners’ scenario of Star Wars Miniatures … pretty excited about this one.
  • 5pm – 6pm – Another first for me: I’m going to take part in a writers’ workshop! This one is about character dialogue.
  • 7pm – ? – The *other* TGC event that I always love to get to: the TGC Community Social. This one isn’t much about playing games — it’s about food, drink and chatter. Lots of great networking and discussions to be had at this one.

So, as you see … lots of gaps in between the scheduled items, which I’m hoping will leave me a lot of flexibility around finding the folks I want to meet and meeting new folks as well.

As for which prototypes of mine I’ll be bringing …

Days of Discovery Abbottsville For Goods and Honor (once again) - GenCon 2016

I will also have an old favorite along with me that I could use some brain-picking on for some new ideas that I’m having …

Jump Gate, 3rd Edition, Box in Shrinkwrap from TheGameCrafter.com

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