The Games I’ll Have with Me at Protospiel-MN

Days of Discovery, Abbottsville, SharkBait, and Zombie ClownsIn just a few weeks, Jeff King and I will be co-hosting Protospiel-MN (click to register for your badge!), which will be another one of my favorite type of weekends — put dozens of tabletop game designers into a hotel ballroom and help them playtest each others’ games!

I will be bringing 4 prototypes of my own along — which is about double what I normally bring — and we’ll see which ones make it to the table.

Here’s a brief run-down on each one:

Days of Discovery – Ah, yes … this one has been in my foreground for over two years now, and has had a lot of overhauls and tweaks along the way. I believe I finally have it whittled down to the best player experience for playing the game solo and with up to 6 players. This will be the first edge of what I expect to be the final testing run on this one. (more details here).

Days of Discovery - First Draft Box Cover Render

Abbottsville Box CenterAbbottsville – I’m very excited to get this new version on the table … it’s really grown up in a good way since last year’s event. While I liked what I saw here and there in the game last year, the feedback I got from those who played it really helped to steer the design. Things are much tighter and better defined. And there are still pumas! 🙂 (more details here)

SharkBait – I don’t have any new pictures on this one yet. It is my latest re-spinning of a family/kids-style dice game with some yahtzee lock-and-reroll, some press-your-luck, and little bit of take-that. Players try to keep their own fish from being eaten by sharks, while getting the sharks to eat all of the others’ fish. This will be the first spin for this one.

The Zombie Clowns of Cryptid Ridge – This one (kinda) came out of the blue as I tried to work up a brand new design for the TGC Adventure Game Contest that finished just before Christmas. I didn’t get it submitted on time (I seem to be making a habit of that), but I did end up with a new game that has a number of cool things in it. It is a cooperative game, and the players work together to guide a set of 6 heroes from their neighborhood as it is getting attacked by the Zombie Clowns from another dimension … super pulpy, a little bit thinky. (more details here)

The Zombie Clowns of Cryptid Ridge

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