Slowing My Roll

Rather be Lost in the WoodsAlthough you wouldn’t be able to tell from watching this site (and its lack of updates for 5 months), I’ve had a pretty busy and enjoyable first half of 2017. It’s just that not much of it was spent on activities related to designing games.

I’ve accepted that this is the new normal for me. My game design and testing time is limited, I don’t expect to be attending any cons the remainder of this year, and I’m not really able to keep up with social media to present a productive presence.

And so, I’m making a purposeful attempt to go slower and smaller … and we’ll see how that goes.

Days of Discovery - Ending Tableau ExampleI should have some game-related news in the coming months … but I want to break the habit of promoting things, setting deadlines and then missing. So, I’m switching to talking about things as they are now and not what they are “going” to be. [For example: I have the latest prototype & rules for Days of Discovery completed and I’m starting a new round of blind testing. Send me a note if you’re interested in helping with that.]

On the social media side, this slower/smaller approach means that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will be more about my day-to-day life — playing others’ published games, camping/fishing, food, beer, cats, family, etc. — and less about game design shop talk or promoting of my own games … at least for now.

And, of course, I’ll be watching and living vicariously through you all! 😉

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