The “Days of Discovery” Game-Give-Away Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the “Days of Discovery” Game-Give-Away Treasure Hunt!


This is a treasure hunt game give-away where there will be 1 “local” winner (whoever physically finds the hidden box) and also 1 or more “remote” winners (people not located in the area, but have sent me a good guess as to where they think it is hidden).

I have hidden a “treasure box” (it’s actually a sterilite container, pictured to the left) somewhere southwest of Minneapolis. Specifically, the treasure hunt area is contained by the following highways: 12 on the north, 25 on the west, 212 on the south, and 494 on the east. (The reason I picked this area is because I live near the middle of it, know the area pretty well, and can verify if the treasure has been found with less than a 30 minute drive.)

I have hidden the box outside on public land. By “outside” I mean that it is not inside of a building or other structure — it’s actually right out in the open and not covered or visually obscured by anything. You will not need to move, dig, break or otherwise damage any property to get to the box. By “public land” I mean that it is on land designated for public use — such as public commons areas, parks, land around libraries or government buildings, etc. It is not a business, school, church, or other such private property — so do not trespass in those types of areas. (There may be local laws, rules, ordinances, etc., designating when the land may be accessed. Please respect any such rules.)

Need a clearer picture of the treasure hunt area, look to the right …

Here’s how the treasure hunt will work:

1. The treasure hunt will run from the posting of this announcement (13-Nov-2018) until I have verified that the treasure has been found (date unknown).

2. The local winner will be the person who finds the box. The box includes a copy of “Days of Discovery” and a copy of “Bird Feeder Frenzy”, plus a letter to the winner on how to claim a third free game — a copy of “Santa’s Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam”. Total prize value: $60

3. To be considered a remote player, you must live at least 50 miles from me and send me a private e-mail ( with your guess as to where the treasure is hidden. Your guess must include either a satellite map pic of the specific site with up to 3 spots marked on it where you think the box is hidden, or a very clear verbal description that leads me to the box. I need to receive your e-mail before I announce that I have verified the treasure found. Once the contest is over, all remote players who meet the requirements (and I am the sole judge of who I think meets the requirements) will be considered winners. If no one meets the requirements, I will pick the person “closest to the goal” to be the winner. Winners receive their option of either 1 copy of “Days of Discovery” or the combination of “Bird Feeder Frenzy” and “Santa’s Little Helpers”. Total prize value: $30

4. I will give clues via words and/or pictures about once per day. The clues will be appended at the bottom of this original post. (To get additional, unofficial clues, you might want to follow me on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter )

5. Feel free to discuss in the comments here (or on BGG, Twitter, or elsewhere), but I will not be responding to clarifying questions here, elsewhere on the web, or via direct messages/e-mails. My clues are all you get until it is found.


Day #1 (13-Nov) …

Not Hiawatha’s love, but the tongue that calls her Waterfall. There is something through-and-through Sioux and choo that begins in that tongue’s “north shore” on the “big water” and travels a ways. Stay with it and you might glimpse a place that holds 5 gems. Four are in a pattern, and one is cast away as if it is “hard” and not “soft” like the others.

Day #2 (14-Nov) …

The treasure rests on support of a changing message that does not have much to say right now, but gives you the “In’s” and outs when it does. Very close to another message, static and “280”.

Other things of note in the area: copper-top cop shop, a farm in the woods at the end of the tail, an art gallery that identifies as a golf course, and so much corn.

Day #3 (15-Nov) …

The first clue was about the first path, and now the second and third.

The second is a couple clicks better than a right. The third is a nickle and a dime short of Daffy Duck’s quarterstaff.

From the second, take the third until you cross over the first, and you’ll be at the right place.


THE TREASURE HAS BEEN FOUND!  Details to follow …


  1. MattWorden

    Here are the official details … 😉

    The treasure was hidden at WRA (“Westonka Recreational Area”) Park in Minnetrista, just west of Mound on Hwy 110. It was placed on the electrical box on the leg of the scoreboard outside the right field fence of softball diamond #2.

    (Let me know if you would like me to go into details about each of the clues or if you’re curious what the next few clues were going to be.)

    Congratulations go to local winner Nate Phillipps, from Hopkins, MN, for physically finding the treasure. His reward is a copy of Days of Discovery, Bird Feed Frenzy, and Santa’s Little Helpers.

    Congratulations also go to 3 remote winners: Jacob Coon (Ohio), Adam Buckingham (Wisconsin), and Ulf Persson (Sweden). They will each get a copy of Days of Discovery.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the hunt! 🙂

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