Upgrade at TheGameCrafter.com

TheGameCrafter.comThe website and available products and services at TheGameCrafter.com just went through a major upgrade this past week.  The changes are requiring me to update the web graphics associated with each of the games I have available there.

Jump Gate has already been updated, but I need to hunt through my archive files in order to update Castle Danger and DareBase.  I expect to have them updated before the end of the weekend.

One of the best parts of the update is that they now ship the games in an actual gamebox … and that is then packaged into a shipping box.  It’s all very generic at the moment, but now that they’ve moved to the updated site and production capabilities, more good stuff — such as actual folding, chipboard game boards, and tuck boxes — will be coming in the near future.  The pricing for parts has been reduced and more parts have been added.

A very nice upgrade indeed!

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