What I’m Bringing to GenCon Indy 2013

Jump Gate, 3rd Edition, Box in Shrinkwrap from TheGameCrafter.comWell, this is the “Go!” week for GenCon Indy 2013, and I am totally pumped!

I will be bringing 5 different prototypes with me, in addition to my shiny new copy of Jump Gate, 3rd Edition.  If you bump into me (I’ll be posting my schedule tomorrow), please be sure to show me the games you have (if you’re a designer), offer to play anything you’ve got on you that you’re excited about, or ask to play one of these mentioned in this post.

Here are the 5 prototypes I’ll have on me: (If you are a publisher and are interested in trying any of these out, please e-mail me or catch me on Twitter.)

  • SharkBait, Fish Tokens in a Draw BagSharkBait, a light family dice game … 3 to 6 players, 30 minutes … Help the fish avoid being eaten by sharks! Think “shark week” meets “save the cute little fish”. Easy roll-and-place-dice rules and drawing of fish tokens from a bag. Latest rules: SharkBait Rules Booklet (633 downloads )
  • Cosmic Critters, a light family card game … 2 to 6 players, 30 minutes … Be the best salesperson at the Cosmic Critters Pets Example Cards for "Cosmic Critters"Emporium, offering out-of-this-world pets! Place hidden bids to best match customers specific wants. Some risk-taking and good bid/collect timing is needed to get the best score. And it’s an excuse to see cute alien pet artwork.  Latest rules: Cosmic Critters Rules (619 downloads )
  • For Goods & Honor, a medium Euro-style game with bidding, worker-placement and scoring that encourages balanced play … 3-6 players, 30-Bits from "For Goods and Honor"60 minutes … As a Village Elder in Goodferd Valley, assign workers to produce the best combination of goods while helping out your fellow Elders in order to gain their honor. The combination of a whimsical theme, a unique keep-one/give-one-away token drawing mechanic, and needing to keep balance within two scoring areas makes this one an interesting play. (Currently toying with different takes on the bidding and scoring specifics.) Latest rules: For Goods and Honor (695 downloads )
  • Thunder Run to Gratis-3, a trashy, dice-driven space battle-during-a-race game … 2-4 players, 60-90 minutes … Not long after a glowing resources Thunder Run to Gratis-3, Beta Prototype, End Game Looksurvey for the 3rd planet in the Gratis system was accidentally broadcast to all corners of known space, several harvesting carriers emerged from the Jump Gate at nearly the same time. The asteroid- and nebula-ridden system allows a very tight pathway from the Gate to the resource-rich planet. The first carrier to arrive at Gratis-3 will have the upper-hand on getting the most. Best find a way to slow the other carriers down! Latest rules: Thunder Run to Gratis-3 Rules Booklet (691 downloads )
  • Magistrate, a heavy Euro-influenced conflict game with 3 simultaneous areas to control … 2-4 players, 90-120 minutes … The King will appoint a worthy Magistrate, at Ben's House, July 2013Provincial Governor as his Magistrate to take care of the daily affairs of the land. Rally your people, military, and network of agents to prove you are the right Governor for the job.  This game has a lot going on at the same time with 3 different scoring areas that influence each other, players able to influence the timing of the scoring rounds, and interfere with each others’ plans. An updated set of rules is being prepared for GenCon Indy 2013 … look for me there and ask to play.  Posts about Magistrate: click here

See you all there … can’t wait to meet cool people and play a ton of games!

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