Getting Some Games Ready for Protospiel-Michigan

Abbottsville at Protospiel-MN, Jan 2016, with Cyrus Kirby (Father Geek) and JT SmithI’m already getting excited about travelling to Chelsea, Michigan, in mid-July for Protospiel (the original)! I’ll be road-tripping there again with Jeff King and Sheppy, just like I did a couple of years ago.

I’ll be returning with an updated Abbottsville, and I can’t wait to get it back on the testing table since my take-aways from playing it at Protospiel-MN this past January. It’ll have some new ways of handling resources and the crowd-favorite pumas. I still need to re-integrate the character cards and special powers into the game. I’ve got a few ideas on how to do it … so, we’ll see how that goes between now and July.

Gnomes Doing Gnome-Like ThingsI’ll also be bringing along my re-design of what was Aether Magic (and was known as For Goods & Honor before that). I haven’t settled on a new name yet, but I’ve taken it back closer to the original design. You are all gnome-like folks living in Goodferd Valley, filled with good will and a healthy work ethic … you want to produce the most goods while earning the good will of your neighbors. I should have a name to stick on it by the time I roll into Chelsea! 🙂

I also have a couple of very early designs that will possibly see the table for the first time in Michigan …

An early American SettlementThe second game in the Tales of Danger series: Days of Settlement should be ready to go by then. It takes place in the timeline a few years after the Land of Danger is first discovered and lots of different people are showing up to setup new settlements along the coasts. It’s essentially a city-building game with worker- and tile-drafting, work and resource allocation, building, and tile placement … it likely has too much going on in its initial form, but I’d like to try it out and see which parts seem to work and what can get culled.

Dicey Curves plus Spy Hunter
(click me)

Finally — and it might be a bit aggressive to think I can get this one ready for Michigan — is an expansion I’ve wanted to do for Dicey Curves since the very beginning. Well, I think I have a way to do it, except it’s no longer an expansion … it’s a full-blown game of its own. Dicey Curves: Spy Car Rally … I’ll leave you with this concept: Dicey Curves plus Spy Hunter. 🙂


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