“You and a Friend” Game Give-Away!

Please Note: This give-away has been won and is no longer active! 🙂

This game give-away is for both those of you already signed-up for the MWG newsletter *and* those who are about to sign-up over the next week!

Days of Discovery Box CoverHere’s the main point: I want to grow my newsletter mailing list as much as possible in the next week … because on Tuesday, June 19th, I will be launching my very first Kickstarter project for my game Days of Discovery! And I’ll want to be able to let as many people know about as possible — thus, wanting to grow my mailing list.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Between *right now* (June 10th) and 10pm Central time on Monday, June 18, any new people signed up on the official MWG Newsletter Mailing List (click here to sign-up) will be entered into a drawing.
  • One lucky winner will be drawn from that group to receive the game give-away prize of their choice! (options are detailed below)
  • That lucky winner will also identify which friend of theirs gave them the link to sign-up for the newsletter … and *that* identified friend will *also* win the game give-away prize of their choice!

Your game give-away choices will be one of the following:

That’s the full info … so, get on it — get your friends to sign-up for the MWG Newsletter and give them (and you) a chance to win!

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