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Playing Dicey Curves with Cyrus and JeffSaturday was a long (yet fast), fun day of meeting people, talking about games (and gamers) and playing games of Dicey Curves, Subtilla, and Space Mission.

I need to give a big “thank you” to the booth babes of the day (they each got to wear my secondary booth badge labelled “Warrior of Destiny”): Whitney Watts (pictured to the right), my wife Britt, my daughter Anna, and my son Seth.  Whitney has a bad tendency to beat me at my games — winning Dicey Curves twice (once as a playtest of the DANGER! Expansion) and also winning Subtilla twice.

Playing Dicey Curves (with DANGER! Expansion) with Whitney WattsThere was also a Father Geek sighting (see picture above and to the left).  Cyrus Kirby of FatherGeek.com and another local Twin Cities game designer named Jeff spent (also a TGC user) a couple hours at my booth to talk games and gaming, watch a game of Subtilla, and then play both Space Mission and Dicey Curves.  I also gave Cyrus a sneak peek at what’s up with the DANGER! Expansion.  Good times and glad to have these guys stop by.

The rest of the time was spent doing more games-playing and games-talking and even got some more discussion in with Donovan about multiple things, including additional progress on the “Magistrate” prototype.  Met a couple of people who had liked the “Jump Gate geocache” contest I ran a couple weeks ago.  They reassured me that I can keep the clues tricky, knowing who the target audience is. 😉  So, we’ll see what I work out for my planned “Dicey Cache” find-it-keep-it event in April.

In the main room where my space is located, the miniatures games have definitely taken over today.  I love the way these games look.  Here are a few examples:

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  1. Cyrus

    Thank YOU for a wonderful time playing games and talking about families. Greatly looking forward to introducing Subtilla (Code Name: Sub Mission) to my family and friends and telling all my readers about it. Dicey Curves: Danger! is looking outstanding and played very well. Your ideas on how to make it even better have me chomping at the bit and waiting impatiently for its release…in a good way.

    For the record, I thought you’d be taller… 🙂

    And for your daughter…


  2. MattWorden

    Thanks, Cyrus.

    For the record, I *am* taller. 😛

    And my daughter says, “Hee, hee, hee!” (with a little blushing involved)

  3. Cyrus


    In response…

    “No, you’re not” and “awesome”. 🙂

    Tell your daughter she is the best Dicey Curves player, EVER! She did laps around my car, and then some!

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